Easy and Quick Short Hairstyles

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short hairstyles

In today’s hairstyle tutorial, you will learn how to create three cute simple hairstyles for short hair. If you want to learn different hair styling for the short hair, here you have five different ones to try. You will need some bobby pins, hairclips and hair ties or elastics.

This hairstyle video is brought to you by Youtube channel PatryJordan. Let’s get started and get yourself these hairstyles:

  1. Grab a section of hair and divide it into three sections.
  2. Then make a normal braiding.
  3. After reaching to the end of hair, you need to pull the middle strand of braid and then pull the hair upwards.
  4. Secure the hair braid with the help of elastic band.
  5. Your first easy hairstyle is done. You can simply put the bobby pin and fix the braid.
  6. Secondly, you can also create a loop and then wrap the hair from right to left and then continue to do this, and then tie with the elastic band.
  7. You can also bring the crown of hair to the back and pin it, like you are making puff.
  8. Then take a section of hair and then roll it around. And secure this with the help of bobby pin.
  9. Continue doing this and then you will create a beautiful braid.
  10. Finally you will get the rolled hair.

You can choose any hairstyle you want. Here’s the tutorial how to create three different hairstyles for the short hair. To manage the short hair is not an easy task but you can look elegant even you have short hair. You can choose any hair do. In this tutorial, we have learnt how to make bun, made out of the rolls and looped hair and even three strand hair made, pulled at the middle of the strand.

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