Easy Prom Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

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Wedding Hairstyle Braided Flower updo

This hair tutorial is ideal for medium long hair. If you have short hair then you can simply add extension. It is because you will need to make a high ponytail. This video tutorial is released by Lilith Moon.

Let’s begin and make yourself an exclusive easy prom wedding hairstyle:

  1. Start with tying a high ponytail.
  2. Now you keep on braiding some strands of hair.
  3. After making a regular braiding, you should gently pull some of the hair outwards.
  4. If you have layers direct them inside of the braid: twist each section so that your longest hair is on the outer side of the braid.
  5. As you keep on braiding you will need to gently pull some hair.
  6. After reaching to the end, stop to pull the hair outwards.
  7. And simply secure the braid with the help of an elastic band.
  8. Now do this taking another strand of hair.
  9. To do this, you will need to section the remaining hair into two sections.
  10. Then you need to continue the same process in each of the strands.
  11. Completing to make regular braid and securing with the elastic band, you will need to roll the strands of hair.
  12. Make a bun and secure the strands with the help of bobby pins.
  13. Hide the ends of the braids-either fold them or tuck them under a thicker braid.
  14. Don’t forget to use hairspray at the end.
  15. You can use any kind of accessories you want to. You can use the paper-made flower or you can also decorate with hairpins.
  16. Finally the easy prom wedding hairstyle is ready.

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