Easy Party updo Hairstyle Tutorial

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easy party updo hairstyles for long hair

This is a cute and elegant, bun hairstyle for everyday, prom, wedding and bridal occasions. This hairstyle does not need teasing as well as heat. The five minute easiest party updo is easy and it is ideal for the medium long hair. You can carry this hairstyle even in the parties or in any formal occasions.  You will simply require some bobby pins and elastic bands so that you can secure your hair.

A big shout out goes to the Youtube Channel MakeupWearables Hairstyles for doing this hairstyle tutorial. Now without wasting any time let’s gets started to get yourself an easy party updo hairstyle:

Easy Party updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hairs

  1. Gather all the hair on your crown.
  2. Make a small pony tail.
  3. Now simply make an opening in the ponytail and flip your hair.
  4. Pull up some hair so that it looks voluminous. If you skip this part, then your braid will look like a fishtail bun.
  5. We are continuing this style all the way down the neck.
  6. Once you are done with the second part of the hair, make a ponytail so that the braids don’t separate.
  7. After reaching to the neck area, you will tie the remaining hair with the help of the bun.
  8. Make sure your bun is flat. Use some pins so that you can secure bun.
  9. You can also use accessories to enhance the hairstyle.
  10. Finally the five minute easiest party updo is ready.

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