Easy Party Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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Easy party hairstyles for medium hair

Hair styling will be easy if you learn the better ways of creating new styles. In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to create cute easy party hairstyle for medium hair. This hair tutorial does not require any heat. This is simple and easy method for being perfect for the party occasions.

Video by: Lilith Moon (YouTube)

This hairstyle can be achieved in straight hair. It is ideal for both medium and long hair. If your hair is curly or wavy, then you can straighten before you start.

  1. Section some hair using the rat comb.
  2. Then secure the larger part with the help of elastic band.
  3. You will need to section smaller section you left on your left side of hair.
  4. Take a small section of hair and then brush it through.
  5. Use clear elastic band using the elastic band.
  6. Then continue doing this with the help of rat comb. Secure this with the elastic band.
  7. Now take some section on the crown area of hair.
  8. Start teasing with the help of rat comb.
  9. Once you are done with teasing, you can bring it back. And make the surface smooth by brushing.
  10. Continue teasing on the front and side part of hair.
  11. Once you spray water, then it will help to settle the flyaways.
  12. You will get the voluminous part in the sides and on the back of hair.
  13. Finally cute easy hairstyle for the medium hair is ready.

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