Easy Curly Updo Hairstyle

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Easy curly updo hairstyle

Today we are back with another new hairstyle for your hair. Well it’s easy curly updo hairstyle which you can create without hassles. This is an elegant and stylish hair tutorial that will show how to do a very cute and easy romantic and messy side bun updo. This hairstyle is inspired by top Hollywood celebrities. This hairstyle will be great to carry out on holidays and even in the festive seasons. A big shout out to the Youtube channel Lilith Moon for doing this hair style tutorial.

Without any more gossips let’s begin to create yourself an easy curly updo hairstyle:

  1. You need to curl your hair and this will help you to get the beautiful bun in the final.
  2. You can use the rollers to make your hair curl.
  3. Section some hair to the left side.
  4. Secure the remaining hair into the loose pony tail using elastic band.
  5. Now start working on some hair that you separated on your left side.
  6. Twist from the end of the hair and then grab a tiny strand of hair and then pull some strand of hair.
  7. You will get some nice messy structure.
  8. You need to follow this pattern beginning from back part of the hair where you have secured the pony tail.
  9. Continue this process.
  10. You will get a bun with messy structure.
  11. Now bring all the hair that you separated on the left part.
  12. Bring them towards the bun that you recently made.
  13. Secure the strands of hair with the help of the hair pins.
  14. You can use any kind of accessories that befit you and the occasion.
  15. Finally the easy curly updo hairstyle for medium long hair wedding prom.

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