Cute Hairstyles for Short Medium Hair

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Cute Hairstyles for short medium hair

This is a tutorial for cute hairstyles for short hair. In this video, you will learn how to create easy hairstyle: Braid Bangs, Asymmetrical Bob, Faux Hawk, Top Knot Bun Updo etc.  So the tutorial is a compiled form of favorite trendy hairstyles that look best on short hair. Some of these hairdos can work on long to medium hair as well.

Video by : Bebexo (Youtube)

To get the Faux Hawk, you need to do the following instruction:

  1. Get your all hair at one side.
  2. Take a strand and then divide it into three equal parts.
  3. Take the first strand and put it over the middle strand.
  4. Next strand will also go to the middle strand.
  5. Now you need to incorporate some strand of hair near to your face.
  6. Then add this to the front strand and then put it over the middle strand.
  7. Continue the same process.
  8. You just need to add some hair from the front part and add this to the first stand of the braid.
  9. Then you will need to continue this pattern to the end of the hair.
  10. When you reach at the end, you just need to secure the braid with the help of elastic band.
  11. Secure this with the bobby pin on the back of your ear.
  12. Tuck the braided part.
  13. You will get amazing braided headband.

The 2nd hairstyle includes following tutorial:

  1. Grab a roll of hair on the top and then start twisting it.
  2. Then secure this with the help of bobby pin and then fix it.
  3. Continue taking some strand of hair below the first one and then twist it upwards.
  4. Then secure it with the bobby pin.
  5. Continue doing this pattern until no more hair remains in this side.
  6. You just need to back comb in the next side.
  7. Finally you will get new pattern that seems like symmetrical but all you did is just rolling the hair.

This hair tutorial includes how you can manage your hair despite they are short and curly.

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