Cute Christmas Hairstyle

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Cute Christmas Hairstyle

Today we are back with a beautiful hairstyle tutorial. This can be your Christmas Hairstyle in coming Christmas. In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to create a criss-cross hair styling technique that can be used to create many different looks. Here are just a couple of ideas on how to incorporate into a half updo (feel free to curl your hair for a more romantic look!), a side swept ponytail with a bohemian feel to it, and into an elegant formal updo for work or special events.

Video by: Lilith Moon (YouTube)

Let’s start this cute Christmas hairstyles:

  1. Take a section of hair and then pin it away.
  2. Take another section of hair and then pin it with the bobby pin.
  3. Now take some section and then bobby pin this strand too.
  4. Take the section separated for the second time and bring over the third strand of hair.
  5. Do this process until you don’t reach down to the neck.
  6. If you have long hair then you continue this process.
  7. Secure this hair with the help of elastic band.
  8. If you don’t want to make the side ponytail, then you can tuck the remaining part to the next side.
  9. You can use the headband or any flower accessories.
  10. You can create twisted bun and then accessorize with the clip.
  11. Finally you will get the Cute Christmas hairstyle for medium long hair.

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