Crown Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

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Crown Twist hairstyle

In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to make crown twist hairstyle for short hair. This is one of the easiest hairstyle that you can do in few minutes. The most complicated part of this hair style is the rope braid but it is really easy after some practice. However, you can pick the pattern by remembering this hairstyle. All you need is to twist your hair.

Video by : Bethany Applebee (Youtube)

Let’s get started and get yourself Crown Twist hairstyle in minutes:

  1. Take some strand of hair and then divide it into two parts.
  2. You need to criss cross these two strands (parts) of hair.
  3. Hold one of the sections with your left hand.
  4. Then take some strand of hair and then add this to the closest to the hair line.
  5. You need to criss cross the added section with other hair in your hand.

While taking some section of hair, you need to take some small section of hair and then you need to criss cross over each other. While doing so you need to add some hair and incorporate it with the closest to your hair line.

Follow the above tutorial and once you’re perfect in making the twisted hairstyle, the main part of this hairstyle will start.

  1. Take some strands of hair and then divide it into two parts.
  2. You need to twist the hair one aver another.
  3. While doing so you will need to add some hair as mentioned in above tutorial.
  4. Now continue doing this all around your hair.
  5. Then you will get the crown twist hairstyle for the short hair.

To treat with the flyaways, you will need to use some hairspray. If not you can use some bobby pins and secure the loosened strands of hair. You can achieve this hairstyle for any length of hair.

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