Crown Braid Pull Through

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 Pull Through Crown Braid

In this tutorial, we are learning how to make a pull-through French braid on your own hair for long or medium length hair. We will learn how to turn a beautiful braid hair into elegant and even a messy crown braid. Pull-Through Crown Braid updo hairstyle can be done on straight, curly, wavy or on layered hair. This step by step hairstyle tutorial is done by Youtube User MakeupWearables Hairstyles.

Let’s get yourself this beautiful Pull Through Crown Braid hairstyle:

  1. Take all the hair at one side.
  2. Take a pony tail near to your ear and then flip it away.
  3. Now make another pony tail. This time the size of pony tail is bigger than the first pony tail.
  4. Split the first pony tail into the halves and then bring it down to the second pony tail.
  5. After fixing with the second one, you need to clip it upwards.
  6. Now take some strands of hair and then tie this with the second pony tail.
  7. Take out the clip. Then split the second pony tail into two halves.
  8. And then bring it around the third one and then fix it upwards using the clip.
  9. Continue making this with the remaining hair. You just need to make ponytail and then flip it around and then make another ponytail and then divide the first ponytail into halves. Bring this to the second ponytail and then scoop the first one upwards.
  10. You can also pull the strands that are created.
  11. Once you reach to the end of the hair and no hair is remaining to add, then make braid similarly.
  12. And don’t forget to pin it with the help of bobby pins.
  13. Check the volume of the braid. If you want to increase then you can pull some braid.
  14. Finally the Pull-Through Crown Braid updo hairstyle is ready.

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