Criss Cross Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

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Criss cross waterfall braid hairstyle

Do you like Criss cross waterfall twist braid hairstyle ?  Well today we have one of the beautiful waterfall twist braid hairstyle and we hope you will love this hairstyle. In this hair tutorial you will know the step by step process to create a criss cross waterfall braid hairstyle which is a super cute French braided hairstyle for both medium length and long hair. At first it might appear a bit complicated, but it is easier to try.

This hair tutorial is done by Lilith Moon, and now you can try yourself this beautiful and stunning Criss cross waterfall twist hairstyle watching this step by step tutorial.

Let’s get yourself this awesome Criss cross waterfall twist hairstyle:

  1. First you need to section your hair so that you can make the braid.
  2. Secure this part with clip
  3. The second step is optional but it will make easier to style.
  4. You can use sprinkle some power.
  5. Start teasing from the front part where you divide the section at first.
  6. Don’t forget to use the hairspray.
  7. Continue teasing the hair and using the hairspray as it will help you to keep your teased hair for a long time.
  8. This will help to make more volume so that it will help you while making the criss cross waterfall.
  9. Now we need to work on the separated part of the hair where you will make the criss cross waterfall.
  10. Take some strand of hair and then start dividing into three different parts.
  11. Now you are making the braid. Do as if you are making French braid.
  12. Bring the right strand over the middle and bring the left strand over the middle.
  13. Now release the right strand.
  14. Take some strand from the separated portion.
  15. Now incorporate this strand into the braid.
  16. Now release the left strand.
  17. And incorporate some strand from the left side.
  18. Now it’s turn to work on the left strand of the hair.
  19. Pick some new hair from the left and then incorporate into the braid.
  20. Release the added hair from each of the side.
  21. Continue this pattern until you don’t reach to the separated part
  22. Then secure this with the elastic band.
  23. You can also make a ponytail.  This will help to make criss cross waterfall braid hairstyle.
  24. Finally you will get the criss cross waterfall braid hairstyle.

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