Classic Bridal Hairstyle

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Classic Bridal Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle apt for the special occasions like wedding or prom. You can carry this hairstyle in the romantic dinner. Classical bridal updo is easy to recreate on yourself or on another person. You just need to keep the steps in your mind. This hairstyle video tutorial is brought to you online by Youtube user EmJustLikeYou.

Following are the steps for creating classical bridal updo.

  1. Brush out all of the tangles and knots of the hair.
  2. Apply the heat protectant at the ends of the hair.
  3. You can also use dry shampoo to the scalp of the hair. This will help to make your hairstyle last for a long. It will make your hair greasy and will also add the volume to your hair.
  4. Massage to the scalp of your hair.
  5. Now start curling your hair. You can just use curling rod so that creating of the hair will be easier.
  6. We are now going to split the crown part for teasing.
  7. Teasing will add the volume for the updo.
  8. After teasing the crown of the hair, you simply need to twist the bottom.
  9. Loosely twist and tuck it under. It will help to give the perfect volume to the crown part.
  10. Once you find the hair in the perfect place, start bobby pinning the hair. Secure the hair with bobby pins.
  11. Tuck your hair’s end part and secure this with the pin at the side of the bump.
  12. Divide the bottom section into the three.
  13. Work in one section of the hair.
  14. Take one section of the hair and loosely loop around your fingers.
  15. Place the loops using the bobby pins.
  16. Try to keep the loops looser so that they look romantic.
  17. You can place all the loops at any place you like. But you need to be sure that all loops should be fixed with the help of the bobby pins.
  18. At the side of the ears, you need to be sure that the loops don’t look tighter.
  19. Once you are done, you need to use the accessories or anything you like.
  20. You can just make the hair at the front straight to give the normal look.
  21. Finally the Classical bridal updo is ready.

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