Chain Braid Headband Hairstyle

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 Chain Braid Headband Hairstyle

Today we have step by step tutorial for creating Chain Braid headband hairstyle. This hairstyle tutorial will help you to get the chain braid headband in few minutes as instructed. This can be achieved perfectly in the medium long hair. In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to create chain braid headband which is a basic as a 3 strand braid with a little twist. In this hairstyle tutorial NuMe Curl Jam set is used to achieve this look. It comes with the Fashionista Flat iron and the Tri-fect Curling Wand.

Chain Braid Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

Here are the step by step instructions for creating this beautiful Chain Braid Headband Hairstyle:

  1. Use the heat protectant all over the hair.
  2. Grab a patted brush to distribute the product.
  3. Wait few minutes to dry.
  4. You can also make your hair straight using the heating iron.
  5. Then you will need to make three strands braid.
  6. Take one strand and keep it over to the middle.
  7. Then another strand and then place it over to the middle.
  8. You need to twist one of the strands before keeping other strand over it.
  9. When you reach to the tail part, secure this section of hair with the help of elastic band.
  10. Take another strand of hair and then repeat the same process.
  11. Divide a strand of hair into three sections.
  12. Twist one of the sections and then incorporate this with the braid.
  13. You need to pull some strands after you completed braiding.
  14. Then bring both strands to the back and secure this with the help of elastic band.
  15. You can curl your hair if you want.
  16. Finally you will get Chain Braid Headband hairstyle for medium long hair.

When you are creating this hair pattern, you will need to follow the hair tutorial. You can keep your hair curled or straight.

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