Bridal Hairstyle for Short and Medium Long Hair

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Bridal Hairstyle for short medium long hair

This hair tutorial will show you how to create a bridal twisted half updo. This hairstyle will work on short, medium, and long hair. This romantic side swept hairstyle looks great on those with shorter locks. This hairstyle can be tried by the girls with long hair. It is the hairstyle that is perfect for proms, graduations, weddings (brides, bridesmaids, guest) birthday parties, etc.

Bridal Hairstyle Tutorial for short medium Hair

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

Let’s get started with this step by step tutorial for making this Bridal Hairstyle:

  1. Before starting, make sure to use the heat protectant to protect your hair from the probable damage.
  2. Now brush your hair to distribute the product evenly.
  3. Curl the hair from back and then curl the remaining hair.
  4. Now we are taking some hair from the crown of the hair and then we are combing back the hair to create the volume.
  5. Use some spray so that the teasing becomes last long.
  6. Now take some hair on the top and then back comb it.
  7. Gently comb the hair and then take some strands of hair and roll it.
  8. Use the bobby pin and secure the hair.
  9. Now grab a small chunk of hair from the left side end twist away. Twist it from the clockwise and then pin it with the bobby pin.
  10. Now you can use some accessories. Use the flower clip or anything to enhance the hairstyle.
  11. Use the hairspray so that it lasts for a long time.
  12. Comb the flyaway and then the Bridal hairstyle is ready.

You can look elegant even if you have medium short hair. Just you need learn how to secure your hair.

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