Brave Inspired Curly Hairstyle

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Brave Inspired Hairstyle
Today we are going to learn about the Merida’s fiery and curly red hair. This is the hairstyle that is completely inspired from the cartoon character but we have named this hairstyle as the brave inspired hairstyle. As this hairstyle looks crazy and thanks a lot to Mindy at CuteGirlsHairstyles for doing this Hair tutorials.

Following are the steps of the hairstyle that we need to take care.

1. Roll your hair with the help of straws. To make the rolls with the help of the straws, you simply need to begin with the straw and let them be in your hair for few hours.
2. Just make your hair damp using little water. Take the straw and then hold it right at the corner of the hair.
3. Wrap the hair using straw as shown in the tutorial. Make sure that the straw does not run out before we run out of hair.
4. Pinch the hair that we are rolling all the way down the straw and make sure that the hair is fixed in the straw.
5. When we reach to the end, you just need to pull the other side of the straw and then fix the ends by simply tying. Do this as if you are tying your shoe laces.
6. Keep like this for some hours or for overnight. You can also use the air dyer.
7. Now it is the time to take out the straw. You will get the wonderful curls.
8. Separate the curls and make them into smaller sections.
9. Don’t use the comb.
10. Finally you can also use the temporary curls if you are brave enough.
11. On the second day, the hair will remain totally relaxed and soft. You can also make waterfall hairstyles and this will look so perfect.
12. Here’s the Brave inspired hairstyle is ready.

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