Braided Sock Bun Updo Hairstyle

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Braided sock bun updo hairstyle

Today we have got Braided Sock Bun Updo Hairstyle for you. To learn this tutorial, we need a sock. It is because we are making the sock bun hair updo. This is the hairstyle that is best for the medium hair. If you have long hair you can also do this but it is ideal for the medium hair. A big shout out to the Youtube user Bebexo for making this awesome Video Tutorial.

Let’s get started and make Braided Sock Bun Updo hairstyle step by step:

1. To make a sock, you need to have a thick sock. You also need to focus on the color of the sock. Better will be the black color because it will match with your hair color.
2. At this point you just need a pair of scissors and then cut the tip of the sock.
3. Now your sock has got two holes. Flip the sock into the other side. Keep rolling the sock until you get the dough nut shape.
4. Now make a pony tail and use this sock bun to cover the elastic band that you used to tie the pony tail.
5. Spread the hair over your head. Grab a chunk of hair on the middle of the head.
6. This part is optional but you can do it.
7. Take some strand of hair and then make braid.
8. Keep doing this and tie with the bobby pin.
9. You can make such braids varying the numbers of the braids.
10. Here in the tutorial we are making 6 regular hair braids.
11. Now use the elastic band and secure the bun that we are making. Don’t forget to pull the braided hair so that they will be visible.
12. Then pull the rest of hair to add the volume to the hair.
13. Secure the remaining hair with the help of the bobby pin and then you will get the final look of the braided sock bun updo hairstyle.
14. Finally the braided sock bun updo hairstyle is completed.

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