Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

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Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Today we have another hairstyle tutorial for long hairs. This is Braided Hairstyle for long hair which looks perfectly glamorous, sophisticated and chic hairdo is perfect for all formal special occasions and evening events. This classic dressy hairstyle will also look great as a bridal or bridesmaid. This hairstyle is one of the many requested video tutorial. In this hair style we will teach you how to make the braided hairstyle for the long hair.

Braided Hairstyle for Long hair Tutorial

Video by: Lilith Moon (YouTube)

Let’s get started with the steps for creating this Braided beautiful hairstyle:

  1. First you need to start with hair extension if your hair is too short and thin.
  2. Once you incorporate the hair you need to place the bottom strand under the middle hair.
  3. Place the top strand under the middle one.
  4. Section some hair from the top and add it to the middle one.
  5. When you reach to the side of ear, you need to check and decide how far your braid should go.
  6. Gently pull the strand of hair and then you can simply increase the volume of hair.
  7. Now you can take some hair from the side and then you can simply make three strands of hair.
  8. Leave some space so that you can use this place for hair accessories.
  9. Now use real flower or any hair accessories to enhance this hairstyle.
  10. Finally you will get the braided hairstyle for the long hair.

This classy hairdo is perfect for a reception party, for prom, homecoming, graduation party, ball, wedding guests and all kind of stylish special occasions and evening events. This hairstyle is best for the long hair. If you have no long hair, then it is the matter to be worried. You can simply use some hair extensions and then you can incorporate them with the main braiding.

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