Braided Crown Hairstyle Tutorial

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Braided Crown Hairstyle

Today we have got step by step hairstyle tutorial for Braided Crown hairstyle which is best for the medium hair. This hairstyle can be achieved for any occasions including bridal occasions or even any parties. You can use the hair extension but here we have used no hair extensions.

This awesome hairstyle tutorial video for creating Braided Crown Hairstyle is brought to you by Youtube us Abby Smith.

Let’s get yourself this beautiful Braided Crown hairstyle:

  1. To begin with, start using dry shampoo to increase the volume of your hair.
  2. Now start making the Dutch braid. Take first and third section under instead of taking over and under like in the French braid.
  3. Continue making the braid all the way down and then repeat this and do this in the other side.
  4. Then secure both braids.
  5. Now you need to bring the braid all around to the other side.
  6. Then you need to secure this with the help of bobby pins. Use as many as you need.
  7. Next braid you can secure this to the other side.
  8. Secure as many as pins you need.
  9. If your tail of hair is sticking out, then you need to roll it down to the Dutch braid, using the bobby pins.
  10. Finally the Braided Crown Tutorial for medium hair is ready.

Thus you can try it out to yourself. You will feel good seeing your braid. Making Dutch braid is too easy. You don’t need to make any other forms. Simply make the braids and pin it around the hair and finally you will get the Braided Crown Tutorial for the medium hair. If you want to use the hair extension then you can use. But in the tutorial, we have not used any.

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