How to braid Elsa’s Hair Coronation Updo step by step

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Elsa Frozen Coronation Hairstyle

We all have watch Elsa in the movie, Frozen. This hairstyle in the movie at the time of coronation lures most of the hairstylists because it is one of the coolest hairstyles ever seen.  So we are here to do the Coronation of Elsa here in the video. This Video is brought to you by Disney Style as the video is done by Elle from CuteHairStyles.com.

However it is somewhat modified and simpler version.

  1. Make a part line from the end of the eyebrow. In the movie, Elsa’s hair has completely come to the left part but this time we are taking part line with the help of the eyebrow.
  2. Three inches back begin the sectioning.
  3. Take a downward rounded angle towards back of the head.
  4. Bring the section to the right part of the head where you can tie the bun.
  5. A nice section of hair can be seen.
  6. Tie the left part of the hair with the help of the elastic band.
  7. Now continue to work on the large section of the hair.
  8. But the problem lies on the hair that naturally falls down.
  9. So pick up small strand of hair and add a little bit of teasing. Continue this with all part of hair.
  10. Comb the hair to give the smoother look.
  11. Bring the hair close to the part line so that it helps in highlighting.
  12. Secure this with the elastic.
  13. Make a pony tail.
  14. Once you secure the pony tail, use the blue ribbon that Elsa wears in her coronation.
  15. Twist the hair and take the ribbon and twist around the hair.
  16. Use the bobby pins so that you can give the flat look to the bun that you are making.
  17. Take front part of the hair that was separated.
  18. Begin twisting the front part of the hair.
  19. Add the hair gradually. Grab small section of the hair and roll it into one.
  20. Continue twisting all hair till we don’t reach to the bottom and roll it with the bun.
  21. Now gently pull the front part of twisted hair.
  22. Elsa’s coronation Updo is complete.

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