Bow Braid Headband Hairstyle

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Bow Braid Headband Hairstyle

Hi friends, today we are back with a beautiful hairstyle tutorial which is Bow Braid Headband Hairstyle. Bow braid headband is ideal hairstyle for the medium and long hair. This hairstyle will best suit you in the party. It will help you to give the feminine look as well as will make you look more elegant. This is the video that is released by Lilith Moon and you can now begin with this hairstyle by watching below.

Bow Braid Headband Hairstyle Step by Step Tutorial

Lets get started to get yourself a Bow Braid Headband Hairstyle:

  1. You can add some strand of the hair but this part is fully optional. You can skip this part if your hair is long enough to carry this hairstyle.
  2. Separate the part of the hair from the side of the hair and make a pony tail.
  3. Now start working in the right part of the hair that you just separated.
  4. Take a strand and then create the regular braid.
  5. Keep the left strand in the middle and right strand to the middle. Then create a regular form of the braid.
  6. But here’s some twist. You need to pick some few hair strands from the left strand and then incorporate this with the left strand.
  7. Then you need to continue to make the braid. Pick some free hair strands from the right and then you will need to incorporate this to the right one.
  8. Then continue doing this. You will get some pattern.
  9. You will get a kind of headband.
  10. Secure this with an elastic band.
  11. Now you are working in another fun part. This will give the new pattern to your normal braid you made at the front part.
  12. Separate a section of the hair right to the side of the headband.
  13. Secure rest part of the hair with the elastic band.
  14. Grab a hair pin and put it under one of the strand that you made earlier.
  15. Use this hair pin to make the loop.
  16. Make a loop in a strand of the hair.
  17. Pull the loop as bigger as you want.
  18. Now you will need to pull the hair pin and you will get a beautiful bow in the hair.
  19. Pull the hair so that you will get the bow. You can make as many as bows using the same pattern.
  20. Finally you will get the bow braid headband hairstyle.

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