Boho Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

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Simple Boho Hairstyle

Today we are back with a simple hairstyle tutorial. This is a simple hairstyle for short hair. This hairstyle tutorial will teach you how to make a simple boho hairstyle for short hair. We had already posted some video tutorials for short hairstyles like 5 indie hairstyles for short hair and 3 cute and easy hairstyles. Of course there is more to come and here we have this simple Boho Bun hairstyle for short hair. This is a quick and easy hairstyle for the getting yourself in summer days.

Video by : froufrou412 (Youtube)

Without wasting a minute, let’s get started and get yourself this simple boho bun hairstyle:

  1. First begin with curling your hair.
  2. Take some strand of hair on the crown area and tease it back.
  3. Take a bobby pin and roll some hair and take it back and pin it.
  4. Do the same in other side.
  5. Twist some hair and then give it some texture by pulling the hair.
  6. Then pull it with the help of bobby pin.
  7. You can also take rest of hair and take it upwards and tie it with elastic band.
  8. You need to check it time and again so that you can secure your hair if it is loosened.
  9. Don’t forget to spray the hairspray.
  10. Finally the simple boho bun hairstyle for short hair is ready.

It is difficult to manage short hair. When it comes to create some hairstyle, then it is the toughest job ever. But this hair tutorial has helped you to manage and even create hairstyle. You just need to get some bobby pins and roll your hair on both sides. Simple boho bun hairstyle for short hair is easy to do. You can carry this hairstyle wherever you go, even for outing or for the colleges. You can simply leave the hair by rolling on the both sides or you can roll it back using some bobby pins.

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