Basket Weave Hairstyle

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Basket Weave hairstyle

This is one of the cheeky hair styles that is requested for more than billion times. So we are learning the best ways to make the basket weave hairstyle step by step. You can also watch in the video available here or simply follow the step by step instructions available below. Thanks a lot for Youtube user Princess Hairstyles for doing this hairstyle tutorial.

Let’s get started to make Basket Weave Hairstyle:

1. Make a part from ear to ear. It does not need to be perfect. It is basically done to separate the top of hair from the back.
2. Once you are done with the smoothing, you should start working on the top part of the hair. (You can just simply lay down on the couch.)
3. This will help in separating the top part.
4. Now make the halves. You are now working on the both parts of the hair that you just separated.
5. Smooth out the hair so that it looks diagonally coming to the left.
6. Now real work is to start. Use a fine part of hair from the right part of the hair and start weaving it.
7. Work on the left part of the hair as use the rat tail comb and then separate some strand of hair so that you can make the weave just putting the separated part on the right section.
8. After you get weaved through, you have to lift out the way and bring the separated section to the left part of the hair that you just weaved.
9. Continue working on the second part. You just need to take some fine part.
10. Bring that fine part underneath weaved section of the hair on the left part.
11. Continue doing the same and you will get some pattern like weaving.
12. Once you run out of the hair from the right part, you are done.
13. You can either bobby pin your hair and then simply use elastic band.
14. Grab a simple part of hair on the either side and use them as the Anker point so that they hold your weaved part of the hair.
15. Bring both of the hair that you just tied with elastic band. Bring them underneath and tie it. Hide it with the remaining hair.
16. Basket Weave Hairstyle is now ready.

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