African American braid hairstyles for Little Girls

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African American Braid Hairstyles for little girls

Curled hair is difficult to manage and especially when it is short in length then, it is obvious to take a long time to get any hairstyle. Today we have a hairstyle which is an African American Braid Hairstyle specially for little girls.

Video by: Javana Petty

Follow these steps and get your baby girl these hairstyles:

  1. Take the hair on the left under and to the right.
  2. Then take the hair on the right under and to the left.
  3. Pick up hair as you go back moving from left to right.
  4. Continue doing pattern until you don’t reach to all down below your hair.
  5. Secure this braid with the help of elastic band.
  6. Do this hairstyle in all parts.
  7. Section the hair into various parts. You can make more than seven or eight parts.
  8. You can also make this partition in zig zag way. You can simply pick up the hair from wherever you like.
  9. Simply you can follow the pattern.
  10. When you are taking another strand of hair, you can simply continue the process.
  11. You have to begin right from the root of hair and then you need to make the braid till to the end of hair.
  12. When you are done you will get pattern.
  13. finally you can create African American braid hairstyle for the little girls.

Girls with short hair look pretty but when it comes to work on the curly hair, you have to learn some tutorial so that you will get beautiful hairstyle.

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