4 Strand Ribbon Braid Headband

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4 Strand Ribbon Braid Headband Hairstyle

In this tutorial, we are making 4 strand ribbon braid headband hairstyle. It is feminine hairstyle. To do this you will need a ribbon that suits you best. This hairstyle includes some practices. Take the ribbon as if they are the braids. You simply need to take first strand (ribbon itself) to the third strand and then wrap the fourth strand underneath and keep it over the strand two. Repeat this process. You will get a beautiful pattern incorporated with the ribbon. You can use other ribbon color. But pink will make you look even more girlish. You can use any forms. You can also make this braid as that of the headband or leave the braid. Try it out and enjoy.

4 Strand Ribbon Braid Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

Here we are using pink ribbon. We are incorporating this with the main braiding. Let’s get started and create this Ribbon Braid Headband Hairstyle:

  1. Tie the braid with the help of elastic band. Make sure you tie the pink ribbon along with the elastic band.
  2. Now the pink ribbon will work as the strand.
  3. You have four strands including two ribbon strands. You should divide hair into two halves.
  4. Now take the ribbon and bring it to the third strand.
  5. Bring the last ribbon and wrap it under the strand two.
  6. Continue this. Reach over the strand and bring to the strand three and then bring the last ribbon. Wrap it under the strand two.
  7. Continue doing this until you reach the end.
  8. Don’t forget to tuck the strand if they are too tight.
  9. You don’t need to use the elastic band. Use the ribbon instead of ribbon.
  10. If you want to transform this hairstyle into the headband, you need to wrap the hair around the head and tie it making a bow.
  11. Finally the 4 Strand ribbon braid headband hairstyle is ready.Save

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