3D Split Twist Braid Hairstyle

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3D Split Twist Braid Hairstyle

This hair tutorial will show you how to create 3D Split Twist Braid. This hairstyle looks intricate but it’s actually really easy to do. The 3D Split Twist Braid will work on medium to long hair. It’s perfect for everyday if you like to wear side braid hairstyles.

3D Split Twist Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

  1. Grab all the hair with the help of elastic band.
  2. You can take some strand of hair and then you wrap the hair around the band, to conceal the band.
  3. Now divide the hair into three equal sections.
  4. Take the left strand and divide the section into two equal halves using the index finger.
  5. Now bring the middle finger into the hole that you made.
  6. Twist the strand once and then combine the strands together.
  7. Now repeat the same process.
  8. Take the left strand and then make the split using the index finger and then pass the middle strand through it.
  9. When you combine the hair strands together, pass the very last strand and recombine the two strands.
  10. Continue this process.
  11. Split the halves and then twist the hair and recombine.
  12. This will help to make the 3 D hair effect.
  13. When you reach the end, you need to secure the hair with the help of elastic band.
  14. You can also tuck the strand on the back side.
  15. You can even tuck the strand of the hair from the mid.
  16. Finally 3D split twist braid hairstyle is ready.

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