3 Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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Cute Hairstyles for medium hair

Today we are back with a combo video tutorial. Here you will learn three cute and easy hairstyles for your hair which you can do quickly. These hairstyles are mainly suitable for Medium Hair. So if you have got medium long hair then you should definitely give these cute hairstyles a try. In this tutorial, we are learning how to create three cute but easy hairstyles for the medium hair and this step by step tutorial is brought to you by Youtube channel Ingrid Nilsen.

Let’s get started and get yourself these cute hairstyles:

  1. This tutorial includes how to create a knot on the hair.
  2. Take some strand of hair and then wrap it around the fingers.
  3. Then do as if you are making a regular knot.
  4. You can simply pin back with the bobby pin and then place some hair on the top to hide the pin.
  5. This is the second tutorial that includes how to create the braid.
  6. Take strands from either side of the hair.
  7. Then make the braid and then bobby pin it.
  8. Now do the same with another side.
  9. Bring both braids together and then tie them into knot.
  10. You can also use hairspray so that you can lock the hair.
  11. The third hairstyle includes how to create knot in the hair.
  12. Take the strand of hair from either side of the hair.
  13. Then make a knot. But make sure to use the bobby pin so that you can secure the knot.
  14. Finally you will get the easy half up and half down knot.

You can also use hairspray so that you can get the hairstyle for the long time period. If you like these hairstyles by Ingrid Nilsen then don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media websites.

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