10 Quick Everyday Hairstyles Tutorial

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Easy hairstyles for long hair

Well here are 10 different hairstyles for you which you can make up for any day you like. This tutorial includes some awesome and good looking, easy and quick everyday hairstyles. Here are few steps for various easy and quick everyday hairstyles out of the Ten hairstyles tutorials available on the video. This video tutorial is brought to you by Youtube User asksash88.

Without further gossips let’s head over to the hairstyles that are perfect for medium long hairs:

Quick everyday hairstyles for medium hair

  1. You can use hair band or any accessories that suit you.
  2. Make the bun of remaining hair using the elastic band.
  3. The first easy and quick hairstyle is ready.

The second hairstyle includes following steps.

  1. Section the hair into two halves.
  2. Take a few strand of hair and bring it to the middle.
  3. Then take another strand of hair from left side of the hair.
  4. Now make a braid.
  5. Continue taking some hair from each side.
  6. And bring across each other.
  7. Continue doing this.
  8. You will get some pattern.
  9. Tie your braid with elastic band.
  10. Finally the second easy and quick hairstyle is ready.

The 3rd hairstyle includes:

  1. Take some strand of hair on the crown and pin the hair with the help of bobby pin.
  2. Now take remaining hair and roll it to make the bun.
  3. Finally your 3rd hairstyle is ready.

The 4th hairstyle includes following steps:

  1. The 4th hairstyle includes easy steps. You just need to take some strands of hair from either side and just secure it with the elastic band.
  2. Then you just roll the secured hair so that you get twisted hairstyle.

The 5th hairstyle includes following steps:

  1. Use the band to make sure that no hair is coming to your face.
  2. Now roll and the hair on your back.
  3. Secure this with an elastic band.
  4. Finally 5th hairstyle is ready.

There are five more hairstyles which you can learn just by watching above available video tutorial. These are some of the quick and easy hairstyles. Such hairstyles are ideal for the medium and long hair as well.

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